ExploreSalon 2023: Unveil Hidden Stories from the Past

Come to the ExploreSalon to unveil hidden stories from the past.

When people interact, they leave traces: uncountable letters, diaries, chronicles, plaques, and other written records have preserved memories about people – long before the rise of smartphones and social media.

For the duration of one week the ExploreSalon at the ACDH-CH in Vienna offers a space to explore those digitized memories, seek hidden stories, discuss and share ideas as well as findings.

From May 22 – May 26 the ExploreSalon, a collaborative space in the heart of Vienna, opens its doors to dedicate time to explore innovative insights into storytelling with data:

You may choose between a number of curated biographic, spatial and temporal datasets with focus on Vienna 1900 to play with. Alternatively, you may suggest other datasets or bring your own.

While you engage in the creative process together with your team, the mentors offer on-site and online expert consultancy,  providing the opportunity for peer feedback and sharing experiences. At the end of the week, you will have the chance to showcase your ideas and – if applicable – share any results with other participants.

  • creative and visual storytelling
  • storytelling with and through data
  • working with prosopographic data
  • insight into the ACDH-CH’s work & data collections 
  • learn about historical persons and their lives
  • have the chance to meet other creative minds
  • enjoy our beautiful campus at the heart of Vienna
  • benefit from an inspiring working environment
  • exchange ideas and build new connections
  • have fun!

If you are interested in topics such as storytelling, biographies, history and relationship threads that weave into human lives through time and space, this is the place for you!

We invite designers, humanists, historians, programmers, artists, coders, academics, biographers and thinkers to unleash their creativity and explore ways of representing data, exploring relationships and conveying stories in exciting and unique ways. We are looking for people with different backgrounds who enjoy a good story: you do not need to be a historian nor a programmer to join us!

ACDH-CH, Austrian Academy of Sciences
Bäckerstraße 13, 1010 Vienna
Contact: acdh-ch-events[at]oeaw.ac.at