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Visually Reading the Pandemic: COVID19

Hosting organisations
exploration space @ Austrian Academy of Sciences and Ars Electronica Research Institute Knowledge for Humanity
Responsible persons
Eveline Wandl-Vogt

“Visually Reading the Pandemic” is a transnational project of exploration space with the Ars Electronica Research Institute “knowledge for humanity”, metalab (at) Harvard (US), MIT (US) and the company NAMSOR (FR). Based on Open Research Datastets on COVID19, global research networks are analyzed based on the BioCultural Diversity Index developed in exploration space in cooperation with NAMSOR; Terminological research priorities since the outbreak of the pandemic are also analyzed over time. The corresponding visualization of the data and its cross-sectoral communication in various contexts as well as a knowledge transfer in society through cooperation with museums (Ars Electronica) round off the current project outline. In 2021, work will be carried out on transforming the visualizations “Chinese Sea” and “COVID19 Cartography” into the three-dimensional, immersive Ars Electronica context (DARIAH-EU Theme 2020 grant). The project received the DH Award 2020 in the “Best DH Visualization” category.

Illustration: CC-BY 4.0 dario (tile/background title)


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