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UniTV Salzburg

Hosting organisations
Universität Salzburg
Responsible persons
Karl Rothauer

UniTV Salzburg is the scientific video-on-demand project of the University of Salzburg existing since 2004. The main task of UniTV Salzburg is the publication of outstanding scientific events at the University of Salzburg. The long-term continuity of the video documentation and archiving has resulted in one of the most extensive collections of recordings of any academic institution in Austria. The recordings are secured in the technically highest possible resolution and image quality. The quality of the content is guaranteed by the selection of outstanding scientific events and lectures at the University of Salzburg.

The task of UniTV Salzburg is to videographically document these outstanding events at the University of Salzburg (lecture series, dialogue series, inaugural lectures, lecture series, conferences, etc.), and make them accessible online. In addition, UniTV Salzburg shows high-quality cinematic projects by students. All films shown have the publishing rights.

UniTV Salzburg was founded in 2004 as a cooperation between the Audiovision Studio at the Department for Communication Studies and the History Department. A management team ensures sustainable technical and content-related development processes and adaptation to the respective technical and legal framework. In addition to the above-mentioned departments, the UniTV Salzburg project is funded by the Rectorate of the University of Salzburg. UniTV Salzburg is also supported by the Departments of Political Science and Sociology as well as the Dean’s Office for Cultural and Social Sciences.

In cooperation with Peter Färberbäck we have developed UniTV for the documentation of citable audiovisual research materials. Mr. Färberböck has collected quotes from video games in which NS symbols are used - as part of his scientific research. UniTV made it possible to quote these sources in scientific literature (see e.g. This is an example of recent progress.