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Soundscapes from Vienna

Hosting organisations

Stimulating public interest in soundscapes was the main aim of the multilateral project “European Acoustic Heritage” (EAH, 2011-2013, co-financed by the EU, EACEA-P5-Culture Unit, Culture Programme 2007-2013, Strand 1.2.1). In the course of this project, audio recordings of Vienna’s urban soundscape (dating from 1981–1983) were made accessible online by the Phonogrammarchiv. The integration of their geo-coordinates enables direct selection of the recordings from the online catalogue via the project’s European Soundscape Map. In addition, the Phonogrammarchiv also made a new set of reference recordings; this re-study used surround recording technique accompanied by video documentation. Selected surround recordings have been released on a DVD, produced by the Phonogrammarchiv and offering also video interviews on sound and acoustic heritage as well as an offline version of the EAH website (including the written research publication, didactic and other material).