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SemanticKraus – Connecting Kraus-Scholarship to the Semantic Web

Hosting organisations
ACDH-CH - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage
Responsible persons
Bernhard Oberreither

The Austrian satirist Karl Kraus shaped Viennese culture from the Fin de Siècle to the end of the First Republic and has had a lasting impact ever since; research on him – ‘traditional’ as well as digital – is rich and growing. This situation offers the opportunity to create a reference resource: a bibliographical and biographical source and at the same time a tool linking present and future online publications on Karl Kraus – as well as on the neighboring topics in this much researched, culturally fertile period.

This resource will consist of a Linked Open Data (LOD) data set containing among other data a complete index of texts published in Die Fackel as the center of Kraus’s work.

Other data sets are to be added to respectively merged with and interlinked with this index of texts, most importantly: the index of persons of Die Fackel online, but also data deriving from other projects like Karl Kraus Rechtsakten and Karl Kraus 1933 – Dritte Walpurgisnacht. This way, the project makes use of existing, but so far mostly uncorrelated bibliographical and biographical data to serve the frequently expressed demand for open, reusable, and interlinked edition data.

The data set will be ingested into a triple store and provided via a SPARQL endpoint as well as an interactive user interface. The result is both a research platform and a reference resource offering users the opportunity for manual exploration as well as automated data retrieval – thus ensuring the integration of Kraus research into the LOD Cloud.