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OIM (Osservatorio degli italianismi nel mondo / Observatory on Italian Loanwords worldwide)

Hosting organisations
Uni Salzburg - Fachbereich Romanistik
Responsible persons
Matthias Heinz

OIM is a (relational, XML-based) database of Italian loanwords (Italianisms) in the world’s languages, aiming at the documentation of the past and present-day lexical influence of Italian on an ever growing number of contact languages, making data available for in-depth lexicographical and philological research; international collaborative project of the national language academy of Italy, Accademia della Crusca, directed by Matthias Heinz (Salzburg) and Luca Serianni (Rom). To date collections of Italianisms in 8 languages have been integrated: French, English, German (released online based on the retrodigitization of the DIFIT dictionary); Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Polish, Hungarian are close to being released, data collection is underway for Mandarin, Russian, Maltese, Modern Greek, Macedonian among others as well as for several overseas varieties of English and Spanish.