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Museum of Knowledge Sciences

Hosting organisations
exploration space @ Austrian Academy of Sciences and Ars Electronica Research Institute Knowledge for Humanity
Responsible persons
Eveline Wandl-Vogt

Knowledge is at the heart of sustainable development. The achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals requires therefore effective knowledge management. However, knowledge needs to be understood in regional, societal, historic and cultural context. Art and culture are essential to the understanding of knowledge, specifically when knowledge – and its various aspects and processes – is reflected as a subject of art. Beyond reflecting knowledge, art is also a medium of knowledge, like articles or books.

The Museum of Knowledge Science shall deepen the understanding of knowledge in its global diversity and foster dialogue between cultures of knowledge. It shall contribute to the context-sensitive approach to knowledge in the development of societies, specifically in the context of development cooperation, where knowledge colonization is still a threat to indigenous knowledge and cultural knowledge identities.

The museum shall show historic art works linked with essential knowledge processes (like learning, sharing, capturing, teaching, remembering, reflecting) in cultural and historic context. Contemporary artists reflect historic art through contemporary approaches and create culturally sensitive future-oriented perspectives. Visitors can identify art works related to certain topics and regions and interact with others by sharing their views and interpretation with others.

The Museum acts as a demonstrator of the Open Innovation Research Infrastrucutre. It was launched at Ars Electronica Festival 2020 by a artistic, scientific, technical and management director and further co-envisioned with the public.

Illustrations: CC-BY 4.0 Louise Deininger (tile/background title), CC-BY 4.0 Atiq Hashmi