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Multi-Modal Manuscript Representations (M3R)

Hosting organisations
TU Wien - Computer Vision Lab and Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Simon Brenner, Gerlinde Schneider, and Hans Clausen

The interdisciplinary analysis of historical manuscripts generates a variety of measuring and descriptive data: these range from multi- and hyperspectral images, spectroscopic and microbiological material analyses, codicological and restorative descriptions, to transcriptions and philological editions. Within the project Digital Transformation of the Austrian Humanities (DiTAH), a repository for the archiving and dissemination of these diverse data in the form of multimodal manuscript representations is being developed. In this process, the various data streams and metadata are spatially and logically related and combined to digital objects. With respect to Linked Open Data, special emphasis is put on the use of established standards (IIIF, METS, TEI, SKOS). The objects are disseminated via a web viewer as well as via technical interfaces.

For a concrete application, we use the data material that has been continuously produced over the years as part of the research of the Vienna Centre for Image and Material Analysis in Cultural Heritage (CIMA).

The data available in the repository is intended to be reusable in research in the humanities as well as in the natural sciences and technology, and also to find a use in university teaching of technical methods and data resources in the humanities.