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Medieval Laboratory

Hosting organisations
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Helmut W. Klug

Regional nutrition, sustainable lifestyle and health prophylaxis are of great importance for the Styrians of the 21st century. The topics currently occupy a broad space in the public discussion. This was also the case in the Middle Ages and in early modern times: The aforementioned topic has a central place in medieval-early modern non-fiction literature.

An impressive example of this is the manuscript Ms. 1609 of the University of Graz Library from the late 15th century. Regional nutrition, sustainable living and health prophylaxis thus have a strong connection not only to a modern, but also to a historical everyday life.

These topics are dealt with in the project ‘Middle Ages Laboratory’ on the basis of research results in German studies and mediaeval studies as well as natural sciences. Topics that were already in vogue in the late Middle Ages are to be brought closer to a broad contemporary public.

The mediation of these old and new knowledge connecting contents takes place on the basis of the practical courses developed in the project.

Based on the late medieval manuscript, four modules will be developed for the layman-oriented transfer of knowledge and practical application: Nutrition, Medicine, Sustainability, Writing. These modules form another participatory laboratory of the humanities at the University of Graz, in which ancient knowledge is presented in a scientifically sound way for modern recipients.