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Kofler intermedial

Hosting organisations
Robert Musil-Institut für Literaturforschung | Kärntner Literaturarchiv
Responsible persons
Wolfgang Straub

The Austrian author Werner Kofler (1947–2011), known for his radical and uncompromising satirical texts, is considered one of the most powerfully eloquent linguistic virtuosos of German-language literature. “Kofler intermedial” will, on the one hand, make his dramatic works (24 radio plays, the film script “Im Museum”, and both stage plays) accessible to readers as Volume IV of the annotated edition. On the other hand, a research platform will be established, for exploring intermedia in Kofler’s work.

Kofler’s oeuvre crosses all genre boundaries, and the intertwining of his texts with the media of music, image, film, and theatre are manifold. The Kofler Platform will use media synopses to make samples of acoustic and visual realizations audible and visible, and connect them directly with the corresponding text passages.