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Hugo von Montfort - the poetic work: visual presentation

Hosting organisations
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Helmut W. Klug

On the function of the visual presentation: It was developed in 2007-2010 as a kind of human interface to make the editorial information density of the abstract ASCII-coded basic transliteration (BT) of cpg 329 Hugo of Montfort visible at a glance and to enable its detailed searching in direct image contact with the tradition. This is intended to provide an impetus for exploratory access to the works of Montfort for both research and teaching purposes.

Both the idea and the basic concept of the visual presentation originate from the editor himself, but both were decisively supported by Andrea Hofmeister. The technical implementation was carried out in close cooperation with the Centre for Information Modeling (ZIM-ACDH) at the Karl Franzens University Graz, building on preliminary work on digital image processing by the Graz research company Joanneum Research (DI Georg Thallinger) as part of the DAmalS project. General information on the genesis and conception of the eye frame can be found in these two publications: Hofmeister 2010 and Hofmeister / Stigler 2010.