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Grotefend – digital

Hosting organisations
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Elisabeth Raunig

The project was implemented in the course of Elisabeth Raunig’s master thesis. It is based on the HTML version by H. Ruth of Grotefend’s ‘Zeitrechnung des Deutschen Mittelalters und der Neuzeit’. From this data the entries of the saints’ register and the diocesan and religious calendars were extracted, annotated in XML and transformed to RDF. The RDF instances are based on the ontology “Ontology for the representation of medieval calendar data”, which was developed in this project. Each resource is assigned a speaking URI. For example, the Uri of a ‘Celebration’ consists of information about which feast is celebrated, by which ‘Actor’ (e.g. a saint), in which order or diocese, and on which day. This makes each resource uniquely identifiable. The data is embedded in the Linked Open Data Web and can thus be linked to other datasets. Further sources can be exploited and represented in RDF with the ontology and therefore can be linked back to the existing instances. The data is stored in GAMS (Humanities Asset Management System) and disseminated in different ways using SPARQL queries.