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Graz Repository of Ancient Fables (GRaF)

Hosting organisations
Institut für Antike, FB Klassische Philologie and Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Ursula Gärtner and Sarah Lang

The aim of this project is a synthesis of the newest scholarly and didactic research on ancient fable. The web portal GRaF offers an innovative approach combining principles of a commented and annotated scholarly digital edition in TEI-XML with the new concept of the digital schoolbook. GRaF provides scholarly introductions, a bibliography and a collection of fables by Aesop, Avian, Babrius and Phaedrus with text, translation, notes on vocabulary and other explanations, metrical analysis and exercises for interpretive skills together with a proposed solution.