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Digital Tools for Historical Inventories

Hosting organisations
Uni Salzburg - Fachbereich Geschichte, Uni Innsbruck - Digital Science Center, Institut für Realienkunde des Mittelalters u. der frühen Neuzeit (IMAREAL), and Uni Innsbruck - Sprachwissenschaft
Responsible persons
Christina Antenhofer, Gerald Hiebel, Ingrid Matschinegg, Claudia Posch, and Gerhard Rampl

Sustainable Generation of Digital Resources and Tools for Historical Inventories is a project funded by CLARIAH-AT.

The aim of this pilot project is to provide digital resources and tools as integrative modules for scientific research projects and knowledge transfer as part of DH specific teaching formats to be developed. It pushes the collection of interdisciplinary and cross-institutional research data, the strengthening of research infrastructure and its cross-linking (in particular between the universities of Innsbruck and Salzburg) and integrates long-term archiving and backup into the workflow.

Inventories from the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period provide the objects of research from which the data is generated. These inventories are most suited for the application of computer-aided processes in the broadest sense due to the structured listing of things and their abundant existence.

During the project, digital tools and methods of data modelling will be tested extensively and comprehensive digital data sets will be generated that can be used to plan the workflows from digital transcription and annotation using the transcription platform “Transkribus” to ontological modelling with CIDOC-CRM and digital analysis with visualisation tools as a model. The new data generated in the project will be uploaded together with the data of the inventory database RaumOrdnungen to the dhPLUS repository that will start its regular operation at the University of Salzburg in 2021. The system will process the generated RDF/XML documents in a triple store and make them available via a REST API and a SPARQL endpoint.

Project Team

Christina Antenhofer, University of Salzburg, History Department Gerald Hiebel, University of Innsbruck, Digital Science Center Ingrid Matschinegg, University of Salzburg, Institute for Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture Claudia Posch, University of Innsbruck, Department for Linguistics Gerhard Rampl, University of Innsbruck, Department for Linguistics

CLARIAH-AT Project Partners

Günter Mühlberger, University of Innsbruck Katharina Zeppezauer-Wachauer, University of Salzburg