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Digital Interactive Mozart Edition

Hosting organisations
Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg and Digitale Mozart-Edition (DME)
Responsible persons
Dr. Norbert Dubowy

The Digital Interactive Mozart Edition (DIME) is a project of the Digital Mozart Edition (DME), jointly developed by the Salzburg Mozarteum Foundation (ISM) and The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) in Los Altos/CA. DIME was conceived as an offspring of the Neue Mozart-Ausgabe (NMA) which the Mozarteum Foundation began publishing in 1954 and which has been accessible as NMA Online since 2006**.** In contrast to the NMA Online, DIME is a fully digital edition. All musical texts are encoded in the XML format of the Music Encoding Initiative (MEI); accompanying texts may be encoded in TEI or in other machine-readable formats.

The core of DIME consists in digitally re-mastered representations of the musical text of the NMA, updated and enriched for online display. Processes for retro-digitization and online presentation of traditional analogue print editions are being developed. In a second approach, DIME also offers new editions of selected works that are digitally edited entirely from scratch. In this branch of the project, DIME is exploring new methodologies in textual scholarship. While the goal may ultimately be the edition of the complete works of Mozart, DIME has initially concentrated on chamber, orchestral, and piano music; a steadily growing number of works has been made available online since December 2018.

All texts are generally rendered in the web interface ‘MoVi – The Digital Mozart Score Viewer’ which is built around the Verovio music engraving library developed by the RISM Digital Center. MoVi offers a variety of options and functions for navigation as well as interactive display and playback of music. DIME is aimed at a wide range of use cases and a variety of possible applications. Therefore, all editions including the XML files are made available free of charge for private, scientific or didactic purposes under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.