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Dialect Cultures

Hosting organisations
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung - Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ZIM-ACDH)
Responsible persons
Hans Clausen and Christian Neuhuber

The project Dialect Cultures aims at providing for a comprehensive insight into the art of dialects in the Bavarian-Austrian language area of the 17th and the 18th century.

Before 1800, an efflorescence of literarisation of dialects already existed yielding an abundance of texts of varying contents, forms and functions. However, this diversity lacked intensive consideration. Until now, literature of dialects remains an unpopular science; neither does a systematical documentation of the handed-down texts exist, nor have texts been edited or commented adequately.

Hence, it is the objective of the project Dialect Cultures to fill this gap by exploring and linking existing scientific work and historical sources.

Gathering the data by applying the Asset Management System GAMS, the corpus of Bavarian-Austrian dialect culture is now available through the project website that can be accessed by interested people.