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The DARIAH-EU ELDAH GDPR Consent Form Wizard

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Walter Scholger

The aim of the Consent Form Wizard is to support humanities researchers within the European Union in obtaining valid consent for data processing in the context of their specific professional activity. This tool will guide you through a questionnaire that will consequently generate a GDPR-compliant form for obtaining consent from data subjects, tailored to your specific purpose and the data categories you intend to collect. Please be aware that the validity of the generated output will be dependent on the truthfulness and accuracy of the input you provide. Honest and comprehensive answers will improve the quality of the results generated by the tool. After answering the questionnaire, the CFW will output a consent form template specifically tailored to your needs according to your answers in plain text format. You will be able to use this text template for creating consent forms to print out and have signed by data subjects, or to include in online environments.

ELDAH (“Ethics and Legality in Digital Arts and Humanities”) is a working group of the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities (DARIAH-EU) ESFRI ERIC. Among the main tasks of ELDAH are the presentation of workshops on ethical and legal dimensions of humanities research, and the development and distribution of training material and tools on these topics. The Consent Form Wizard was developed and implemented in 2020 by Norbert Czirjak, Vanessa Hannesschläger, Pawel Kamocki (ACDH-CH, Austrian Academy of Sciences) and Walter Scholger (ZIM-ACDH, University of Graz). The project was jointly funded by CLARIAH-AT, SSHOC, DARIAH-HR and DARIAH-EU.