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Celtic Divine Names in the Inscriptions of the Roman Province Germania Inferior

Hosting organisations
Institut für Antike, FB Alte Geschichte und Epigraphik
Responsible persons
Wolfgang Spickermann, Werner Petermandl, and Astrid Schmölzer

This research project intends to collect and analyse all Celtic divine names that are preserved in Latin inscriptions of the Roman province Germania Inferior. These sources seem especially suitable as a basis for examining phenomena that emerge in religious contexts when different cultural influences collide. In this case, those influences are defined on the one hand by the use of the Celtic language, on the other hand by the Latin language and patterns from inside the Roman Empire that can be labelled as “Roman”. Our focus is not only on religious aspects but also on social issues and corresponding mentalities. A further aim is to contribute to a clearer overall picture of the provincial religion in Germania Inferior.

The final publication complemented by a detailed linguistic commentary (by Patrizia de Bernardo Stempel) will appear in ‘Corpus - F.E.R.C.AN. (Fontes epigraphici religionum Celticarum antiquarum)‘.