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Austrian radio journals from 1967 to 1999 -

Hosting organisations
Österreichische Mediathek
Responsible persons
Johannes Kapeller

Nothing is as old as yesterdays news?
Discussions about nuclear energy, Austria and the European Union, the financing of pensions, international crises, migration debates … All this seems too familiar even today.

Listening to what happened 20, 30 or 40 years ago: is an acoustic journey through time to the news of yesterday.

Digital source edition is a source edition for contemporary historical and media historical research, online in a form that tries to do justice to the source’s character: audio documents not as an illustration of a subject, but as a subject in its own right. provides 8000 hours Ö1 sound radio journals from the years 1967–1999 digitally in full length. The focus is mainly on the midday journals. This corresponds to over 100,000 individual contributions to Austrian as well as international topics from politics, economics, science and culture of the years 1967 to 1999.
Within the scope of three scientific projects, the programs were digitized, edited and are available online in full length for research and listening.

Picture: Österreichische Mediathek / Kronsteiner, CC BY-SA 4.0