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CfP: "Back (and) to the Future" - 10th Conference "Digital Library"

Technical and society-related frameworks for cultural and scientific institutions: What remains, what is to come, what is to go?

Thursday, 28th – Friday, 29th of November 2024 at Graz, University Graz, Austria.

The “Digital Library” conference series is celebrating its anniversary in Graz this year!

One year after the launch of the European portal “Europeana” (, the first conference in 2010 was dedicated to this comprehensive initiative supporting the digitisation of European cultural heritage. Since then, the “Digital Library” conference has continuously provided a platform for the presentation of national and regional initiatives and projects for making digital cultural heritage accessible. The fact that a joint podium was created here for the sharing of experiences from all cultural and research sectors (museums, libraries, archives, educational institutions, etc.) has become a hallmark of the event.

To mark our 10th anniversary, we want to look back and into the future. Which topics continue to accompany us, which issues have been resolved, what new challenges do we face now and in the near future? Can the developments of recent years serve as a guide for future concepts and approaches? We look forward to your contributions and also welcome speakers and participants from previous conferences to share their experiences once more and celebrate with us!

We encourage submission of presentations (long and short), colloquia, and tutorials, and also host a dedicated poster and products presentation section. All these activities aim to discuss good practice solutions for establishing modern digital knowledge repositories.

Main topics of the conference ‘Back (and) to the future’:

  • Technology: Established and cutting edge (e.g. AI, machine learning, …)
  • Networks: Cooperations, partnerships, working together nowadays…
  • Sustainability: How do we preserve knowledge? – What happens to knowledge/know-how that is not digitally available? – Can knowledge be “secured” – is it verifiable? New ways of knowledge transfer? New ways for GLAM institutions? Choosing which knowledge to preserve and process?

The organizers look forward to submissions (lectures, posters, workshops), which deal with theoretical foundations or practical solutions for these topics from the perspective of cultural and scientific institutions.

All submitted submissions will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Contributions and their contents are treated confidentially; accepted contributions until the announcement of the acceptance to the author.

Important dates

Deadline for submissions (abstracts only, max. 800 words, short CV of the presenter(s)): 31 May 2024

Please indicate in your submission, whether your contribution is a presentation (20 min) or a poster (3-5 min presentation in the plenum + exhibition). A workshop / tutorial suggestion (120 min) may also be submitted (please include a short description, schedule, and short curriculum vitae of the lecturer).

Acceptance / rejection information woll be sent to authors until: 24 June 2024

The conference language is German. Contributions in English are also possible.

Please send your abstracts to:
Gerda Koch (kochg /at/

The local organisers of the conference ‘Back (and) to the Future’ are:

Universität Graz,
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung
Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities
A-8010 Graz, Elisabethstraße 59/III
Tel +43 316 380 2292
Fax +43 316 380 9703
eMail zim /at/

EuropeanaLocal Österreich
Angewandte Informationstechnik
Forschungsgesellschaft mbH
A-8010 Graz, Klosterwiesgasse 32/I
Tel +43 316 835359
Fax +43 316 835359 75
eMail kochg /at/

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