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Call for Contributions: Updating the White Paper (Weißbuch) Digital Edition

The White Paper (Weißbuch) Digital Edition was created as part of the federally funded Austrian project Kompetenznetzwerk Digitale Edition and was published in early 2021. It contains more than 200 contributions written by authors from 10 Austrian universities and other institutions. The contributions are assigned to different subject areas, and are represented in an index and a network diagram to locate content:

  • Edition studies in general: types of editions, general editorial topics such as interpretation, collation, normalisation, palaeography, etc.
  • Digitisation: digitisation services, tools, costs, and standards
  • Annotation and modelling: articles on data modelling and models, modelling standards, schemas and the semantic web
  • Metadata and metadata formats
  • NLP: articles on computer-assisted language processing Interfaces: design and components
  • Interfaces: design and components
  • Data analysis: e.g. articles on networks, visualisation tools
  • Archiving: archiving strategies and digital sustainability
  • Software and software development: software for creating digital editions and theoretical aspects
  • Legal aspects: deployment of Digital Editions, copyright, licensing.

The aim of the White Paper (Weißbuch) was (and is) to provide a low-threshold introduction to the extensive subject of Digital Editions. The White Paper is intended to help users help themselves (basic explanations, further articles and literature). The individual articles, which are very open in terms of content, are divided into the actual article, the bibliography (referenced works as well as introductory or further literature in a thematic Zotero library) and a link list with internal hyperlinks as well as links to other encyclopedias, thematically appropriate software, and relevant projects.

Despite the large number of contributions, the White Paper does not fully cover the complex subject of digital editions. Moreover, since its publication, new research questions and topics have emerged and new keywords (e.g. minimal editing, data management plan) keep appearing for which further explanation and inclusion in the White Paper on Digital Edition would be quite useful. It is also necessary to revise some already published articles in the light of new developments and to introduce new perspectives. New project descriptions are intended as practical examples from the editors’ point of view that complement new and existing articles: links between articles and project content descriptions.

With this call we are looking for contributors to bring in new articles or project presentations or to revise existing articles!

Existing articles can be revised by the original authors. Articles can also be created in cooperation.

All submitted articles will be evaluated by an internal peer review (authors will therefore automatically take on review tasks!).

The following guidelines apply to contributions to the White Paper:

  • Creation in Google.Doc with predefined format templates
  • Length max. 500 words (excl. literature)
  • Classification in existing subject areas
  • Literature management in Zotero library
  • Provide further links
  • If applicable, specify relevant software

The following guidelines apply to project descriptions in the White Paper:

  • Creation in Google.Doc with predefined format templates
  • Length max. 1000 words (excl. literature)
  • Classification in existing subject areas
  • Literature management in Zotero library
  • Provide internal (if applicable, further) links
  • If applicable, specify relevant software


  • 2022, end of September: Publication of the call
  • 2022, 30. November: Submission of proposals (see below)
  • 2023, mid January: Invitation to participate
  • 2023, 31. Mai: Submission of contributions
  • 2023, June, July: Peer review of articles
  • 2023, 1. of August: returning the articles to the authors
  • 2023, 31. October: Submission of revised articles
  • 2024, January: Publication of the updated White Paper

The proposal must include the following contents:

  • Name and contact details of the author(s)
  • Keyword(s)
  • 2-3 sentences of content overview and/or relevance to the topic of digital edition per keyword

Please send your exposé to helmut.klug(at)

This project is funded by CLARIAH-AT with the support of the BMBWF.