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Museum+Law 2023: AI, co-creation & NFT

When: Tuesday, June 6th

Where: Seminarraum 2.4, Universität für Weiterbildung Krems, Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Strasse 30, A-3500 Krems an der Donau and via Internet-Livestream

Registration: please register via this link in advance. Registration is free but mandatory.

In view of rapid technological developments and social changes, the practice of museum collections is confronted with diverse challenges that require new inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives. The third conference of “MUSEUM+RECHT” will focus on the use of artificial intelligence in connection with the creation of artworks and their curation. Born-digital art has long been established, but in connection with new technologies – first and foremost NFT or blockchain – it is experiencing a further facet that opens up a new set of legal questions. For example, institutions that collect art regularly encounter certain legal uncertainties when it comes to purchasing, permanently securing and making art available to the public, especially with regard to copyright issues. Finally, questions concerning innovative methods of art education need to be evaluated across disciplines.

The third symposium in the “MUSEUM+RECHT” series at the University of Continuing Education Krems will examine the topic of “AI, Co-Creation & NFT” from a transdisciplinary perspective. It will address the manifold legal and curatorial implications of contemporary art forms and their collection, the function and significance of new technologies in the art market as well as questions of individualised and participatory user experiences with regard to the digital future of museums.


from 08:45Registration
09:15-09:30WelcomeRektor Mag. Friedrich Faulhammer (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems) Univ. Prof. Dr. Anja Grebe (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems) Univ. Prof. Ing. Dr. Clemens Appl (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems)
09:30-11:00Co-created, participatory art by and with AIUniv.-Prof. Manuela Naveau, PhD (Kunstuniversität Linz, Institut für Interface Cultures) Univ.-Prof. Ing. Dr. Clemens Appl, LL.M. (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems)
11:00-11:30coffee break
11:30-13:00AI as curator?Dominik Bönisch (Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Aachen) RA MMag. Alexander Koller (Schmidtmayr | Sorgo | Wanke Rechtsanwälte)
13.00-14:15Possibility for lunch in the Mensa
14:15-15:45NFT & LawMag. Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer MBA MA (Universität für Weiterbildung Krems) RA MMag. Helene Rohrauer (Fellner Wratzfeld und Partner)
15:45-16:15coffee break
16:15-17:45Creative User EmpowermentSonja Thiel (Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe) RA Mag. Alexandra Ciarnau (DORDA Rechtsanwälte)
18:30Launch of ‘Zentrum für Kulturen & Technologien des Sammelns’

Scientific Comittee

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anja Grebe
Univ.-Prof. Ing. Dr. Clemens Appl, LL.M.
Univ.-Prof. MMag. Dr. Philipp Homar
Dr. Hanna Brinkmann M.A.


Department für Kunst- und Kulturwissenschaften / Zentrum für Kulturen und Technologien des Sammelns
Zentrum für Geistiges Eigentum, Medien- und Innovationsrecht


Universität für Weiterbildung Krems
Zentrum für Kulturen und Technologien des Sammelns
Zentrum für Geistiges Eigentum, Medien- und Innovationsrecht
Dr.-Karl-Dorrek-Straße 30
3500 Krems, Österreich
+43 (0)2732 893-2405

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